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A New Way to Pay

Numuni is a powerful blockchain-based monetization platform developed for digital publishers, streaming platforms, content creators, and online games. It enables the monetization of users’ spare computing power in a privacy-friendly way and rewards them for their participation. Now there is a solution to increasing downward pressure from ad blocking and the ensuing decrease in ad revenue for publishers.



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The Plan

Create an Internet Without Ads

Numuni is a Delaware Corporation offering monetization solutions and services for digital content providers. The firm’s primary location is in Las Vegas, NV, and was formed to take advantage of the monetization potential of the rapidly growing GPU computing market by creating products that utilize the collective computer processing power of millions of desktop PCs to address the monetization needs of the digital media publishing market. They aim to replace banner advertisements as the primary means of monetizing the 87% of internet users who refuse to pay for online media.

Currently, only 13% of consumers are willing to pay a recurring membership fee to gain access to digital content in conjunction with ad blockers having made banner ads a poor way to monetize the remaining 87% of website visitors.

Numuni has developed a downloadable software application that passively utilizes unused computing resources from consumers’ personal computers. Any website that offers a recurring subscription membership or displays banner ads can allow their unpaid website visitors to install our software in exchange for access to their paid media content and/or removal of banner advertisements.

Numuni then pays their website publisher 75% of the earnings value their users’ generated.

The global GPU hardware market is expected to grow substantially over the next several years, owing to the profitability of hash mining ventures. Hash miners earn a small profit in cryptocurrency for every successful transaction, however, mining cryptocurrency is a slow and complicated process that is not profitable on a small scale. Due to this reason, hash miners are setting up large-scale dedicated rigs to increase the profits of their ventures, leading to the rise of cryptocurrency cloud mining adoption. The collective computational power of millions of average home computers has been ignored by all market leaders.

The acceptance of cryptocurrency by retailers, investments by large semiconductor companies in mining-specific hardware, and the increasing demand for equipment manufactured in China are the emerging trends expected to gain traction by 2022. These trends will further add to the growth of the GPU hardware market size during the forecast period.

  • The year-over-year growth rate for GPU hardware in 2018 was approximately 9%.
  • From 2018-2022, the GPU hardware market is expected to accelerate at a CAGR of nearly 10%.
  • 51% of the market's growth between 2018-2022 will come from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) as the region is witnessing steady growth due to the extensive adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Existing commercial GPU processing networks focus on acquiring only high-end gaming computers and building large scale server farms that consume ample amounts of power. Numuni plans to initially target an underserved market of average desktop computers with few to no competitors but expects to eventually disrupt the high-end computer market as well.

Numuni will also launch its own incentivized ad network where website publishers can access its ad campaigns directly. This will result in Numuni’s acquisition of the majority of the industry’s traffic share.

Proven Results


Chief Executive Officer

— Robert Reynolds

Inc Magazine Ranking

40th Fastest-Growing US Private Company

In 2006, Robert founded CPAlead, the company responsible for creating the multi-billion dollar/year incentivized digital advertising industry. Their groundbreaking inventions enabled the acquisition of over 150,000 website publishers, generated $120 million+ in revenue, processed tens of millions of sales, and served ads to 1 billion+ users.

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