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Carl Grant

CEO, Sunkissed Industries

Our Chairman, CEO, & President is a 48-year-old entrepreneur with 28 years of experience in engineering and training. He has worked in a number of high-level positions in the automotive and aerospace sectors, including projects for Jaguar cars, Bentley cars, and Rolls Royce Aerospace.

His most recent experience in running micro-cap public companies is when he took over as CEO of Sunkissed Industries, Inc., in July 2017. Mr. Grant is working towards making Sunkissed a global leader in CBD products with Hakuna as well as making it a global leader in technology with the acquisitions of Numuni and Products Group.

Carl Grant
Ilan Freeman

CEO, Products Group (Hakuna)

Ilan Freeman is a dynamic, goal-oriented, and strategy focused entrepreneur in the consumer packaged good space. Ilan has successfully built a multi-brand corporation that has shown YoY revenue growth. The brands that Ilan has launched have won multiple awards and Ilan was featured on the cover of The Fox Magazine. He has demonstrated success in brand strategy, research and market analysis, developing and executing sales and marketing strategies, and supply chain management.

Mr. Freeman is avid about helping and creating businesses, developing strategies, executing solutions through trust, integrity, diligence, and commitment. Innovative, motivated, and driven by success and results, he is an adept team player and leader, with experience in branding and strategy implementation.

Ilan Freeman
Robert Reynolds

CEO, Numuni

Before founding Numuni, Robert started several successful startup ventures spanning many different industries. He was the founder and CEO of CPAlead, where he was responsible for leading the daily operation of over 50 employees in technical development, design, recruiting, human resources, advertising, sales, security, compliance, legal strategy, human resources, accounting, and business development.

He is credited with inventing the first Virtual Currency Monetization and Content Locking technologies, which increased his clients' advertising revenue by an average of 10,000%.

Mr. Reynolds's ventures have generated combined revenues of over $150 million and were responsible for spawning several industries worth billions of dollars annually.

Robert Reynolds
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